I need a manual for guys. Simple answer: He’s just not that into you.

There should be a book on how to figure out boys- except it’s rather difficult and I am sure it would be a very big book. Most guys would say they need a manual for girls- but we are pretty easy to figure out and if you just listened you would know. But if you ask a guy about their complexity, most of my guys friends would reply back saying this standard answer: “oh us guys are simple creatures! We live very simple lives” Yes off course you do…so that’s not true at all. They may not need a lot to please them, but they do tend to do a lot of stupid things! Beware guys- perhaps you should take some lessons from girls people we are always watching YOU! Girls are always analysing. It’s a very common thing to do among girls, but maybe we do it a little bit too much sometimes which can lead to obsession. That never ends well!

Anyway I recently met up with a guy I met coincidentally at my union though he was not a student nor part of my university. He was a guy who had just had a job interview and was just sitting in a room waiting for the time to pass so that he could catch his train. I happened to stumble along the empty room with only himself there and decided to sit and write some stuff, but then we got chatting. Exchanged details and next thing you know four months later we meet up. Except this time he is very very nervous and apparently useless with all technology. Now it may be because he is 25 and pretty useless with remembering to text/email/facebook, (so many different social mediums there is no escape and no EXCUSE for not being able to contact the other person! I am not going to make excuses for anyone and I am not going to sit here and think about all the possible excuses on his behalf- waste of my time if you ask me. He arrives 25 minutes late and fails to text me to let me know. I am not impressed. Like I said no excuse for that unless someone died. I like it when someone can be straight with me. Most guys are very mysterious or at least try to be because they think it will make them more interesting. Well here’s a tip it WON’T! It just gets too damn annoying after a while and it is difficult to know what someone thinks about you unless you can read minds. If only I had that gift- mind you I could see how it would be a curse rather than a gift. Especially if they were not thinking pretty thoughts. Anyway guys seem to be hot or cold- they have no idea what they want- well most of them don’t and they seem to be pretty useless. But you can’t seem to live without them! I think I would go insane if I lived on a planet with girls only- we would eventually all kill each other! Point is I am not a mind reader and no I do not think you keeping me waiting will cut it. I also do not think you not being able to text back considering the various modes of interactions we have nowadays excuses you from not being able to contact me. So I give up, if you want to be elusive- your call and your loss of a friend!

All I know is that it would be helpful if guys could be straight and just tell me what they think without cowering behind a door. Now this guy offered me help with my CV etc. and asked to meet up again the next week, but when I emailed him about looking over my CV he did not reply to my email or my text and it’s been two weeks. I may look like I am stressing over this, but I am not. I am just simply perplexed as to what guys mean by certain things. Why say something you don’t mean? Why say you will help me, when you have no intention of helping me! It’s just stupid and raises peoples hopes unnecessarily! It’s like one of my friends, her ex told her that she was the first person he said the L word to and actually meant it, but he’d said it to other girlfriends before but never meant it. How do you know he’s actually telling the truth? Well when he turns round and says “when I said that I didn’t mean it!” Reaction: WHAT?? Why say it in the first place?!?! What does that even mean? It just doesn’t make sense to say things and then not follow through with it. But then again I like to follow the logical and some people are illogical.

Anyway just wanted to stress the point that has been argued many times before even in song (Katy Perry “Hot and Cold”). It is true guys are hot and then cold. It’s like they do something and then think. Well next time think before you act because there’s more than one person involved. This applies to friends just as much as to relationships. But you know you could learn a lot from books, films and even music. There is quite a lot of truth there about the actions of others though sometimes over-dramatized. For now all you have to do is watch ‘He’s Just Not Into You’ (2009 movie) and you could gain some interesting insights about people in general! It’s funny actually because one scene near the beginning where the female main character goes on a date with this guy for happy hour in a club and after exchanging numbers he says “See you soon, I’ll call you” before leaving. She smiles and says “ok great”, but then as he walks away she stops him and says “Wait you gave me your number so do I call you or will you call me?” He looks at her confused and rather panicked at this point and distractedly says yes I’ll call you bye as he quickly runs away! It’s the same thing when he said see you soon, it doesn’t actually mean he’ll see her soon! It’s just an expression!

Every person is different so I guess there won’t be a universal helpful manual since they’ll all just contradict each other which will just be too confusing and not even worth the effort! Guess we will just have to accept that men are from mars and women are from venus! 😉