Lies, illusions, myths and tales. Who knows the truth?

So with a title like mine, you are probably wondering if I will let you in a little secret? Well I sort of will but it’s not one that you will like!

It’s all about….Gossiping. We all do it, and it can be fun especially for girls. But it can also be destructive. I am not going to lecture you about its impact, well technically I am so leave now if you don’t want to hear a rant. I am no saint so I can’t say I have never gossiped but recently after hearing some untruthful gossip about myself it made me question why people do it, why do I do it? Is it really because people are insecure? Perhaps there is some truth in that statement, as the ones who seem to gossip are the one’s who have little to do in their own lives except stand around and talk about other people’s lives and how it sucks for them!

So some people start off with: gossiping, I do it, my peers do it thus it just cannot be helped, right? Wrong, it hurts and sometimes it is malicious. It hurts even more when the person who is at the forefront of the gossip  finds out. Not only does it spread lies, but it also fabricates  false rumours which then develops a running mill of lies about people; where  the truth has been exaggerated or misunderstood. Sort of like Chinese whispers. Anyone remember that game? No? Let me remind you or enlighten you if you haven’t heard of it. It involves a group in which a person has to think of a secret or anything and whisper it into the ear of their neighbour. This is then passed round from neighbour to neighbour in a circle until it reaches the end of the circle and the last person who has to shout out loud what the “saying or expression” was. Then the original person who spread round the saying has to confirm  whether the saying has remained in tact or digressed from the original saying. Let me illustrate this in an example: Person A: whispers to B “I heard Jenny’s mum say a rude word ”, person B to C: I heard Jenny’s mum sail around the world” person C to D: I heart Jenny’s mum sale around the world.

Not such a good example? Well I’ll leave the rest to your imaginations then, but you get the gist. In the game, people mishear what has been whispered and gather different meanings/interpretations from it thus repeating it to the next person who will listen. So you can see how things when whispered around can be misheard and misinterpreted as something else. What we don’t realize is how much farther from the truth things can change. If you’ve heard someone gossip about you and you disliked what you heard then why would you feel the need to gossip about someone else behind their back if you knew how it felt? A lot of people don’t think twice about what they are doing and understand the consequences that could ensue. I’ve heard a lot of lies about myself and most of the time I don’t care but sometimes there are those comments that make you wonder and really do get to you. Best thing is to bury it deep into your mind and throw it away because there’s no point in getting insecure about little minor things. Though I must admit how surprised I was to be the center of gossip which was outrageously untrue and which I absolutely hated. How farther can the truth can people get. Very far apparently. But most of all I am a very boring person in the sense that I like doing interesting things such as rock climbing or travelling, but in general my life is very boring as I don’t do much except work nowadays. So there is no need for useless idle gossip, but as most would say it’s entertaining!

Truth be told, as much as it is hated, you can’t escape gossiping unless you go to a place/institution where people won’t gossip e.g a nunnery. It is highly likely that wherever you go there will always be gossiping whether it is in the local community, school, university, workplace or in the home! It’s just a way for people to vent and whine and complain how much their life sucks! Well that’s why I think they do it anyway! 😛 I always take pleasure in reading the  over-used but very good quotation: “No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent”- Eleanor Roosevelt

So as long as it doesn’t harm me or my reputation, then it’s all fine! Right?

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