And so a new journey begins…

So life is complicated…but so are online blogs. I am not old, just a bit new to all this.  So let me start off by first welcoming you to my wonderful and sometimes complicated life! Well actually I welcome you to the world I perceive through my eyes which is actually very different to how others see it. (Isn’t it always you say!)

Interestingly I have always wanted to know what it is like to experience the world in someone else’s shoes, but as you know, one cannot really have the opportunity. Unless I was to switch bodies with someone else, but then in a way I would still be viewing the world through “my eyes” just perceived by the outside world as a different person. I always wanted to experience people’s thoughts shall we say- to know what do people think about? I was indeed a strange child who contemplated “interesting” subjects and experienced many different unusual experiences but I won’t bore you with the details, at least not yet.

Everyone has a story. Most people would argue that not everyone’s story is interesting, but I would disagree.  Life is interesting….(yes understatement of the year!)  You could find out a lot about someone in one blog, but also know nothing.

So let the games begins….

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